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Our car rental and hire division serves a range of customer bases, from low-cost vacationers to affluent adventurers. Our own fleet of tailored 4×4 safari vehicles includes modern luxury SUVs, 4×4 safari Land Cruisers, Safari Mini Vans, and Small Sedan Cars for airport transfers to your hotel in Entebbe or Kampala. Luxury Rosa Coater Buses are available for larger groups, accommodating up to 25–28 passengers.

For your African Safaris in Uganda & Rwanda, our roomy safari cars feature pop-up tops for game watching and wildlife photography. You won’t be disappointed if you hire a safari vehicle from Precise Destinations for your Uganda Rwanda safari tour because all of our vehicles are incredibly comfortable, have plenty of leg room, and are kept in excellent condition for African roads.

Our guides are skilled professionals with a wealth of knowledge about the rich cultures and histories of Rwanda and Uganda, as well as a thorough understanding of the local flora and wildlife. They are also very gregarious, punctual, and have a good sense of humour. Our driver guides at Precise Destinations are highly skilled, professional, English-speaking, local Ugandans with extensive experience who have received top-notch training in customer service and guiding. They are without a doubt our greatest asset.

We provide you with the greatest option for a 4×4 Safari car that meets your needs. Although we can accommodate groups of three to seven passengers in our variety of sizes of vehicles, we usually prefer to make sure that every guest has “window seats.” Cooler boxes are standard equipment on all vehicles, providing cold drinking water for both game safari drives and travel.

With our central office in Kampala, Uganda, and a station in Kigali for guests arriving through Kigali International airport who wish to utilise our safari car hire and rental segment, we provide you with the best car hire and rental services in both Uganda and Rwanda. Tell us about your interests in car rentals, where you would like to travel (whether it be for town running or cross-country running), and we will provide you with precise recommendations on the best safari vehicle and the best guide for an unforgettable trip throughout Africa.

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