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Boat Cruise Tours in Uganda are one of the things to do in Uganda’s game parks; seeing animals from the water on a houseboat safari is an amazing experience that provides a different perspective on animal behaviour; game parks offer a variety of opportunities to enjoy this type of wildlife viewing; it’s probably the only place in the park where you can see such large concentrations of game. The activity is done by the boat sailing on water with helmsman inside with the tourist on Uganda safari.

Boat Cruise in Murchison Falls National Park

The Murchison Falls National Park is the central region of Uganda’s largest protected area. It is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including big game. The park is centred around the mighty Nile, the longest river in the world, which flows through it for 120 km. This tranquil 40 km stretch of river serves as the park’s main wildlife spectacle, and boat tours can take you to the base of the falls, where you can spot many aquatic animals.

Animals such as buffaloes, elephants, crocodiles, hippos, and numerous birds may be among them. The spectacular 40-meter-tall Murchison Falls, where the Nile is forced through a 6-meter-wide opening in the rift valley escarpment, is the focal point of the park. It must be combined with a walk to the top of the falls since he is the one who will appreciate it most. Not only does the Nile River provide boat trips to the Murchison Falls, but Nile Delta Cruises (which are particularly well-liked in the morning by enthusiasts for birds and wildlife) also offer unique experiences.

You can see how the Nile slows down as it enters Lake Albert by travelling downstream. There are several hippos, crocodiles, elephants, and buffaloes to be seen, among other animals. In the swampy sections, you might just happen upon the uncommon shoebill stock if you’re lucky.

Boat Cruise on Kazinga Channel

One of the main attractions in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park is the 32-kilometer-long Kazinga Channel, which connects Lake Edward and Lake George. Due to its amazing animal encounters, the channel has grown in popularity as a tourist destination. Many visitors choose to go on a boat cruise safari to fully experience the channel’s offers. There are more than 1,600 hippos in the globe, and there are many other animals to observe, such as more than 400 species of water birds, buffalo, and elephants. For individuals who are visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park, it is an essential activity.

Boat Cruise on Lake Victoria

Being the largest freshwater lake in all of Africa, it is shared by Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda, together known as East Africa. One of the biggest lakes on Earth, Lake Victoria is the source of the world’s longest river. On Lake Victoria, various recreational opportunities have been created, such as boat rides, sport fishing, and a number of beaches. Sunset tours on Lake Victoria provide you the chance to enjoy yourself while discovering the freshwater lake’s attractions and islets.

Lake Victoria Sunset cruises generally start at 4 or 5 pm and late evening; as offer from Entebbe late afternoon trips by boat out towards the equator line or local islands to observe the sun over the horizon, while the fishermen cast their nets and enjoy the refreshments and drinks offered on board.

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