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The third-best national park in Africa, Kidepo Valley National Park is a popular destination in northern Uganda. It is renowned for its rare species, which can only be found here and nowhere else in the world, and for offering visitors a genuine wilderness experience. The best option is Kidepo, a secluded national park with breathtaking vistas that is hidden between mountains. The total size of the national park is roughly 1442 square kilometres. There are two distinct areas of this unique ecosystem: the Kidepo valley and the Narus valley, both of which are home to various wildlife species. In order to save the creatures that call the park home, more than 450 bird species and 75 different types of mammals. The area was designated as a national park in 1962.

Kidepo Valley National Park

The name Kidepo means “Dodoth” derived from the original settlers the IK community, the national park is surrounded by the vast savannah disappearing into the angelic mountains, these are so captivating it is the very first thing to capture your eyesight, the Narus valley contains permanent water supply the river beds side lined by the many beautiful sausage trees, borassus palms and grassy lands, along these you will spot the famous reputable number of African buffaloes, expect to see African elephants, leopards, lions, rock hyrax, elands, antelopes like waterbucks, bush backs, Jackson hartebeests, warthogs, zebras, cheetahs to mention a few. Kidepo valley does not have much wildlife but presents the hot springs the region is so close to south Sudan, during the dry season the borassus palms is the only one that remains with life along river Kidepo it angelically underlined along the dry river bed with beauty.

Well-organized game drives along the park’s well-organized game tracks are popular activities. These start early in the morning in search of game, and when you go with an experienced guide, you’ll get the best of the park as they’ll share their knowledge. This early in the morning is busy because most animal species come out to graze and hunt, and evening game drives give you a chance to see the sun setting.

Take a tour of the nearby settlements, such as the Lorukul community. This is one of the most distinctive tribes in northern Uganda and is situated outside the park. They are well-known for being cattle herders, and their customs draw tourists to the area. Trekking up Mount Morungule will lead you to the IK community, who live in settlements called manyattas and are nomadic patrolmen. The 475 birds that have been reported in the Kidepo Valley National Park to date are examples of renowned bird species. These include the Abyssinian ground horn bill, Red checked cordon bleu, Karamojong apalis, and sun birds, to name a few. The Narus valley offers the best bird watching opportunities in the park.

There are several ways to get to the national park. One option is to drive there, which takes around 11 hours and involves stopping for lunch in Gulu town before continuing through the picturesque Kitgum settlements. Kidpeo Valley National Park is reachable by charter or scheduled aircraft from Entebbe or Kampala Kajansi. The trip takes two hours, arriving at the Kidepo airport. The majority of the year is hot in Kidepo, so you may visit at any time of year. To enhance your visit, the park offers lodging options, such as the Apoka Safari Lodge, which offers guests a view of the vast Savannah region.

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