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Here are useful Facts about Mountain Gorillas. The gorilla is the largest of the great apes family which also includes chimpanzees and can be divided in three subspecies;

Eastern lowland {gorilla gorilla graueri}, about 25000 live in the wild of eastern Congolese forest.

Western lowland gorilla {gorilla gorilla gorilla}. About 50000 are found in west central Africa

Mountain gorillas {gorilla gorilla beringei}, about 720 remaining live in the afro montane forests of North West Rwanda, south west Uganda and eastern DRC.

Facts about Mountain Gorillas


Mountain gorillas{ gorilla beringei beringei their scientific name} live in families of about 6-30 members and each family is headed by a male silver back, at 13 years a male silver back starts growing its silver tint which marks its adulthood

Mountain gorillas were declared critically endangered species by ICUN in 1996. Mountain gorilla {gorilla beringei beringei} is one of the two subspecies of the eastern gorilla Beringei and it is estimated to comprise of 1004 individuals in two populations of Virunga mountains and Bwindi.

Mountain gorillas are critically endangered due to human encroachment, forest degradation and regional political instability.

In both Bwindi and Virunga groups of gorillas that were habituated for research and eco-tourism have higher growth rates than unhabituated gorillas.


  • They live in groups/families of about 6-30 members
  • Their scientific name is gorilla beringei beringei
  • They weigh 135-220kgs/ 300-485 pounds
  • They are normally 4-6 feet
  • Their life span is estimated to be 40-50 years
  • They belong to mammalian class and differ from other gorillas, they are larger, have thicker hair, larger jaws and teeth with short arms
  • They share 98.5% DNA with human beings
  • They live in rain forests, bamboo forests and subalpine grassland on volcanic peaks
  • Family leaders are called silver backs identified by a silver tint on the back
  • Although strong and powerful, the mountain gorillas are generally gentle and shy
  • Just like human beings they have fears especially over some insects and reptiles
  • Mountain gorillas are herbivores and fed mostly on bamboo forest, leaf plants and fruits
  • They are intelligent, use sign language with sounds to communicate
  • Their gestation period takes 8.5 months
  • They walk on their four limbs
  • They construct nests out of leaves used for sleeping on
  • A newly born weighs average 4.5 pounds
  • Have same emotions as human beings such as laughing when happy and cry when is hurt
  • Their estimated total population is 850 and half of these live in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.
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